Humans amaze me.

humans amaze me.
we live in constant balance at the mercy of the forces of nature.
evolved to totter on two feet and stay standing,
14 pounds of air pressure on every square inch of our bodies and still we are intact.
what would crush our lungs we toyed with until 30 feet underwater we could be like fish, because
we can’t leave anything untouched.
from childhood we learned to balance on the edge of the curb just for the excitement of the potential to fall,
and knowing that if we kept trying, we could beat gravity.
we built aircraft to cut just so through the air to keep us off the ground, where we belong.
and then we built aircraft to push ourselves even out of the atmosphere, reach out for infinity at the risk
of death, knowing that if we kept trying, we could even beat the earth’s orbit.
every time I try balancing a pencil on its end or a book on its spine, I remember this.
the never-ending desire to find loopholes and laugh in joy,
because — if nobody breathes — nobody moves — this pencil will not fall.
we live our lives rotating, balanced, our very motion shielding us like a spinning top,
kept breathing thinking that if we mess enough with nature, we will never fall.