invincibility is turning pain into pleasure

I like to wait too long
to go running
and then run too far

I love when my body aches
and my head throbs
and my blood churns to molasses

I love to listen closely to pain
and feel the way it resonates
with pleasure

I love to imagine that the pain
is fucking orgasmic
I love to hear my body screaming
but know that I’m getting stronger

I love the way emotional discomfort dims
in light of physical demand

I love that in the moment I am hurting
all of my problems are solved



suffering is bearable
because it doesn’t last.

your body and
your mind
shed trauma
like old skin.

there is always something greater
than your pain
waiting for you.

and the more this hurts
the more you will learn
to carry your hardships
with grace.

when you’re little and you get hurt
other kids will
hit you somewhere else, harder, and
say, “now it doesn’t hurt.”
they’re being jerks about it
but they’re right.
perspective dims pain.

running a mile
seems like nothing
when you’re 30 minutes into
a hike in the Grand Canyon.

and you wonder
why you were ever scared
to watch a horror movie
when your own grandfather
shot himself in the head.

the threat of
every earthly trial
is reduced when you consider
the fate of your soul.

don’t turn the idea
of death
into an escape.
death is not a solution.
death makes every burden
you’ve ever carried
seem peasy.

this crushing pain
will not
are stronger
than you think.