for when you feel alone

I want you to remember something

next time the void rushes up your throat

and pushes out to fill the world and

demand recognition that you exist —

please know that the most important thing

is not significance

please remember that your existence will not

ripple light-years away and you

are not meant to last forever

because importance is not reliant

on those around you

you will never be anyone

but you

and let me tell you something —

no humans were meant to last forever

the world does not revolve around you

your make your mark, and your mark will fade

and that shouldn’t be intimidating

burn out bright and don’t be so scared

even the waves will dry out and

the sun will burst and

our lifetimes seem so short but

when the stars burn out

they’ll wonder too where time went

the fountain of youth is acceptance

of death as an inevitable outcome

you are alive and when you aren’t

you won’t even be aware of it

let yourself live


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