Fly Me to the Moon

I told you I would jump over the moon if it would help you

but I can’t wind up my legs enough to clear 238,900 miles

and even if I could you’d tell me I did it for myself

because there is no way on earth I could love you


did you think blowing air through your teeth

would stop the affection from pooling in the gaps between my fingers

did you think you could stop me from feeling

if you told me I didn’t understand


I know I can’t see the man who hovers in the corner

of your room at night and screams at you

I know I can’t see the little black dog climbing the stairs

or fly away with Peter Pan


I know I wasn’t there when you cried in your bathtub

and held knives over your wrists and remembered the times

we said we would live together when I’m in college

and visit Cole in prison because we all know he’s headed there


I can’t see the same things you see

but I can see you

and I wish you hadn’t told me I couldn’t love you

because if I didn’t know you then you didn’t love me


you cut off my circulation

because you were afraid I might try to save your life

and I can’t even write your name anymore without feeling

like I’m stealing something of yours


I hope I never touch you again.


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